Sunday, 25 May 2014

Space Marine Bikes Finished, Devastators WIP

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I have an attack bike on the way, which will very nicely finish off the bike squad. They were sitting there for months as I don't really enjoy the process of painting bikes all that much, but I'm glad I got them finished! 

Here are two of the bikers closer up, just hanging out all casual.

And here's the squad sergeant and plasma gunner. They fight crime.

BEHOLD here's the second plasma cannon and las cannon devastators! I started out making one of each for the squad, but decided I'd follow the codex squads and focus these fellas with two of each for tank exploding goodness.

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE. Terminators! They're (mostly) assembled and waiting to be next after the devastator squad gets finished.

Aaaaaaand here's how the army is looking now. Looks almost playable...

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