This page will be home to all the interesting external links as they crop up in various blog posts. I'll group them by category of course, for your convenience. Look grateful.

(talked about in more detail at the end of this post.)

Chapterhouse Studios                    
Bits specifically compatible with Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Tau, Eldar and others. I got my Spartan style helmets from here.

Terrain, script decals and generic addons such as gun muzzle flares. No GW specific bits but plenty of useful additions in the same scale.

Pig Iron Productions
Near future soldiers and mercs, some of their bits are cool swaps for either Space Marines or Imperial Guard. I used one of their helmet sprues as an alternative for my scout heads.

Secret Weapon Miniatures             
Lots of useful stuff including washes, weathering pigments and awesome looking bases, they also do head swaps and helmet crests. I got my Greek style helmet crests from here.

Forge World             
GW's fancy department full of Heresy era goodies and awesome looking stuff. So far I've just gotten five of the heresy era armour and the character set from these guys but plan on getting more.

Scibor's Monstrous
Loads of 40K-ish looking goodies including custom shoulderpads, Primarch-esque models and more.

Like Chapterhouse they're more brazen with their use of GW's IP but maaaaan they do some good work. Helmets, shoulderpads, nice looking bases and loads of Orky models.

Lots of GW-compatible bits which they've cheekily renamed to things like 'space warriors', 'star elves' etc. Some great looking pieces, definitely planning on getting some of their bits in future.

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