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If you have something to say that can't fit into a comments window, feel free to email for a good old chat.

Still here? Oh... well this is awkward.

The Megapope is a 30-something graphic designer (lol lazy blog template), ex Brit now living in New Zealand. He has a thing for small dogs and elephants and curries and baked beans on toast. Getting into Space Marines during his formative teen years, back when they all had red guns and snot green bases and cut out paper banners, he now has the expendable income that he never had as a kid and is rediscovering his love of the grimdark™Warhammer universe.

Currently he's got two longterm painting projects on the boil: the smurf-tastic Ultramarines space marine army from Warhammer 40K, and the soviet-licious Khador faction from the Warmachine game.

Guest Posters

Gravitas is a geek of all trades living in London, where he hates on all things beloved by the Immortal Emperor, including Ultramarines and puppies and the color blue. He really hates blue puppies. Able to be found at his Impetuous Orders hobby blog, some say that he has flippers for hands and cannot say the word 'flummoxed' without falling to the ground and experiencing vivid waking dreams of life as a late eighteenth century Welsh miner. It is well documented that Gravitas is completely incapable of growing chest hair.

As well as painting up a variety of Games Workshop things that get his attention, Gravitas is currently focussing on the Infinity game, which is presumably for people who want to take a break from skull decorations.

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Who is this beardy weirdo?

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Hatching from his egg high in the glacier crowned majesty of the Himalayas, the Megapope quickly devoured his other siblings and later on his parents, for being damned cheeky. He ran a bloody campaign of terror across the wind swept steppes of the north, coming to be known as 'That Horrid Bastard' by the terrified tribes of the region. Many years later he came second in a beauty contest, won $10, didn't pass Go and didn't collect $200.

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Important legal disclaimer
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