Saturday, 2 August 2014

Drop Pod! Razorback! Mark IV Marines! Aaaagh!

By The Megapope   Posted at  13:07   Ultramarines 2 comments

Hello! So I moved house and things got a bit away from me for a while but lo, I'm all set up and have new toys.

Having resolved never to paint a vehicle by brush again because a) it's laborious and awful, and b) it just doesn't come out that great unless you're willing to put in umpteen gazillion thinned out layers, I got myself some Macragge Blue spray paint from Games Workshop which retails for approximately half a million dollars here in blighted New Zealand. 

I do think it was worth it though! I saved many Dan-hours and the result was immediately a huge improvement on my tactical squad rhino. Here's the drop pod with its basecoat in place...

And here's how the Razorback is doing so far. This is going to be the command vehicle for the army so I wanted to make it a bit spesh over the tactical Rhino. It's back door is going to open revealing the control console and spare bolter inside, plus it's going to have extra gold trim in places so the enemy know to concentrate fire in its general direction.

I also bought the special Forgeworld Ultramarines door set from Forgeworld, just to make the Razorback pop a bit more as a command vehicle. They're pretty great.

Not sure if you can tell from the pics but I really can't stress enough how much better it looks with a sprayed on basecoat instead of using a brush. 

I also got a 5-man squad of Mark IV armour from Forgeworld's Horus Heresy range. I'm thinking of redoing a couple of my Command Squad characters and otherwise sprinkling them throughout the army along with the Mark VIs I already have. 

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Imitation Terminators!

By The Megapope   Posted at  14:25   Ultramarines 3 comments

So here's a finished test model of my first terminator.

Confession time: these are actually knock-off products from, where you can apparently buy replicas of almost anything. A friend told me about the website so I ordered a squad out of curiosity... and turns out the imitation is as close to the real thing as makes no difference.

I realise at this point that I'm probably the last hobbyist on the planet to have discovered that you can buy cheaper knockoffs, but there you go.

The terminator pieces arrived after about 3 weeks. Not only where there no components missing, but they also sent me the close combat AND ranged weapon sets even though I only ordered the CC one.

Quality of the models were top notch; there were no defects, detail was great, plastic didn't melt or spontaneously combust when I applied paint.

So if you're unwilling to pay full GW prices I have to recommend you try aliexpress. I don't think I could have known that these weren't the real thing if they hadn't arrived out of the official packaging.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Space Marine Bikes Finished, Devastators WIP

By The Megapope   Posted at  20:04   WIP No comments

I have an attack bike on the way, which will very nicely finish off the bike squad. They were sitting there for months as I don't really enjoy the process of painting bikes all that much, but I'm glad I got them finished! 

Here are two of the bikers closer up, just hanging out all casual.

And here's the squad sergeant and plasma gunner. They fight crime.

BEHOLD here's the second plasma cannon and las cannon devastators! I started out making one of each for the squad, but decided I'd follow the codex squads and focus these fellas with two of each for tank exploding goodness.

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE. Terminators! They're (mostly) assembled and waiting to be next after the devastator squad gets finished.

Aaaaaaand here's how the army is looking now. Looks almost playable...

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Bike squad WIP!

By The Megapope   Posted at  18:37   WIP No comments

Bikers! Long neglected! I'm painting them! 

That's, uh. That's about all I had to say really. I'll come up with something more interesting to talk about next time. 

Wooo, blogging again! 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Commander repaint: Captain Sicarius

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So I've been humming and harring over my commander character for a while, and finally decided to just turn him into Captain Sicarius, mainly because I felt he had way too much bling for some field commander lieutenant guy or whatever the hell he was.

Here's the before photo. I think he was painted close to two years ago now, so it's nice to see how much my painting has improved in that time. Frankly the highlights on him were a bit atrocious and the banner looked a bit ratty after a superglue incident. 

I checked out some images of the actual Captain Sicarius model and decided (after some photoshop tests) that I didn't want to give his new banner the same red/white border. I kept it simple in theme with the other army banners, combining three decal elements from my trusty Forgeworld decal collection and painted the border an umber colour, highlighted up to yellow along the top.

I also repainted his helmet crest to the red and white stripes, gave him a plasma pistol, completely repainted his armour highlights, made the cybernetic parts of his helmet look more cyberneticky and gave him the Ultramar symbol award thingee which I had spare from the Marneus Calgar resin set.

Pretty stoked with how he turned out, I reckon he looks sufficiently Sicarius-esque. It's nice to see how my painting has come in the last two years too.

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