Sunday, 1 June 2014

Imitation Terminators!

By The Megapope   Posted at  14:25   Ultramarines 3 comments

So here's a finished test model of my first terminator.

Confession time: these are actually knock-off products from, where you can apparently buy replicas of almost anything. A friend told me about the website so I ordered a squad out of curiosity... and turns out the imitation is as close to the real thing as makes no difference.

I realise at this point that I'm probably the last hobbyist on the planet to have discovered that you can buy cheaper knockoffs, but there you go.

The terminator pieces arrived after about 3 weeks. Not only where there no components missing, but they also sent me the close combat AND ranged weapon sets even though I only ordered the CC one.

Quality of the models were top notch; there were no defects, detail was great, plastic didn't melt or spontaneously combust when I applied paint.

So if you're unwilling to pay full GW prices I have to recommend you try aliexpress. I don't think I could have known that these weren't the real thing if they hadn't arrived out of the official packaging.


  1. wow! great imitation. Although if I had to pick nits I'm convinced that its thighs are to small

  2. Interesting! I'll have to compare them with a friend's and see.

  3. Do you happen to remember the name of the seller on the site?


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