Saturday, 2 August 2014

Drop Pod! Razorback! Mark IV Marines! Aaaagh!

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Hello! So I moved house and things got a bit away from me for a while but lo, I'm all set up and have new toys.

Having resolved never to paint a vehicle by brush again because a) it's laborious and awful, and b) it just doesn't come out that great unless you're willing to put in umpteen gazillion thinned out layers, I got myself some Macragge Blue spray paint from Games Workshop which retails for approximately half a million dollars here in blighted New Zealand. 

I do think it was worth it though! I saved many Dan-hours and the result was immediately a huge improvement on my tactical squad rhino. Here's the drop pod with its basecoat in place...

And here's how the Razorback is doing so far. This is going to be the command vehicle for the army so I wanted to make it a bit spesh over the tactical Rhino. It's back door is going to open revealing the control console and spare bolter inside, plus it's going to have extra gold trim in places so the enemy know to concentrate fire in its general direction.

I also bought the special Forgeworld Ultramarines door set from Forgeworld, just to make the Razorback pop a bit more as a command vehicle. They're pretty great.

Not sure if you can tell from the pics but I really can't stress enough how much better it looks with a sprayed on basecoat instead of using a brush. 

I also got a 5-man squad of Mark IV armour from Forgeworld's Horus Heresy range. I'm thinking of redoing a couple of my Command Squad characters and otherwise sprinkling them throughout the army along with the Mark VIs I already have. 


  1. FW bling is always worth it (every one of my Minotaurs 1st Company has some, yes all 60+ and counting). I'd really recommend getting an airbrush and say goodbye to spray cans and the choir that is priming and base-coating for infantry and vehicles alike, and that's just if you are a cack handed moron like me. If you have any sort of artistic skill (unlike me) you can also use for shading etc. I can prime and basecoat a squad of 10 SM's in an hour with a AB including drying time between coats. It awesome.

  2. Airbrush all the way. I even use them to paint fine details with the aid do index cards to make easy straight line, and poster tac for easy masking.


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