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Back Later, But First...

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Baggies: also for modelling stuff.

Well I've been a bit slack what with some foot related setbacks and being distracted by other projects and not being bothered to blog-ness.


As you can see to the left, quite a while ago I received some cool bits and pieces from the good folk at Armourcast. They specialise in neat little extra bits for your super space soldier* models, such as cinematic gun flashes, transfers and even missile launched hamsters.

Just look at that detail. Beautiful stuff, like a page from an old bible or something which is exactly the look one wants in an army of gothic religious nutters in powered armour. 

It's a recipe for space muffins.
Three different kinds of space muffins.
The transfer set also came with a whole lot of thin strips of text which are perfect for using on purity seals. I really, really suck at painting thin lines of text for those and had resigned myself to a bunch of okay looking blank seals. But no longer! 

The transfers themselves are great detail-wise. My main note is that they're a bit thicker than the GW ones and so require some extra care with the micro-sol. I found that after a few extra goes with the stuff they stuck down pretty well, but it does take more of the solvent than usual to get them sitting nice and flat. 

"Red ball, corner pocket..."
 Also I got three sets of missile launcher add-ons, which include the launching rocket (test fitted above) and a plume of smoke that comes out the back of the launcher. Like the muzzle flashes (below), they'll require some pinning to secure in place.

KKK prototype hats weren't quite there. 
Above you can see what the muzzle flashes and rocket launch effects look like painted. Courtesy of some dude on the internet. Thanks, some dude!

Also: my christmas pressie from the friendgirl, which was unwrapped today since it's too heavy to take on the plane with us tomorrow. Awesome new desk lamp! I call it... THE HYDRA. Sure it only has two heads, but still. HYDRA. 

"WAAAAUGHoooh I fancy a cuppa"
Coming in the new year... ORKS! Well I had to have SOMETHING to pose against my Ultramarines with, plus I seriously needed a break from painting all that blue. So what better contrast than a bunch of lovely murderous greenskins. Plus I think they're kinda cute like boxer dogs. I especially love the deffkopter pilots in their little hats and goggles. Adorable! 

Don't worry, I'll still be doing Ultramarines too.

So that's a wrap this year from me. It's been a great few months and I'll be sure to take some photos of my stuff over the holiday period to inundate you all with next year. Have a great holiday if you get one and be sure to complain loudly if you don't. See you all again in X weeks. :-) 

* Fits perfectly onto your space mar...moset! 

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