Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Plans! Also Happy 2012!

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All packed apart from several sharp bits I trod on
Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great holiday season and didn't empty your wallets buying overpriced plastic space characters for slapping pigment onto and moving around a table while making 'pew pew!' noises.

Unless that's your thing of course.

I myself got a few more additions to the collection but am currently gearing up to move house, which has already involved packing up the study and everything in it. This effectively means that I won't be doing much (if any) painting until the start of February, so in the meantime I'll make a few posts here and there about things that catch my eye and hopefully also pressgang Gravitas and some others into a guest post or five.

Also. Also! My project for this year that I would like to set myself is a modest diorama. Nothing huge or too fancy because frankly I'm going to be having a lot on my plate this year with work and postgrad studies, but I think something fun with the boys in blue and some orks is definitely doable. I already have some ideas about a small urban scene, possibly an ambush of some kind in an alley.

Sooo yeah. I shall be reading your posts, making the appropriate ooh and aaah noises at your pretty pictures, and soon enough will be adding my own once again. Happy painting.

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