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Guest Post: Ragiks against the machine

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I swear, Infinity miniatures exist purely to make me feel like a terrible painter. I consider myself a mid-range painter, not golden demon worthy but able to implement standard techniques to get a passable result. But something about the Infinity line makes me feel like I'm a 12-year-old learning to drybrush again. I think it's the dynamic posing and realistic* scale, they really make you step up your game.

Anyway, Ragiks! The drop-troops of the Hassassin Society, specialists in turning up unannounced to mess your stuff right up. I've used these guys successfully by luring the other player's forces into the mid-field with some Ghulam plebs, then having the Ragiks turn up in the opponent's own setup zone to gun down their lieutenant and other high-cost units from behind.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was a little unsatisfied with how the orange was turning out on my Naffatun, and after a bit of thought I decided that the problem was that the armor didn't have enough depth.

The solution was pretty simple, put down a base coat of Dark Flesh underneath the Solar Marcharius Orange. It makes the gaps between armor plates seem deeper, and gives an overall slightly richer shade.

The guns are a continuation of my experiments with non-metallic-metal. They're still a bit messy, and turned out much better on the rifle (above) than on the heavy machinegun, but I think I'm starting to get a handle on the technique. I'm especially pleased with how the rifle's clip turned out.

The sword is another experiment, painted in Necron Abyss with edging in Enchanted Blue, Ice Blue and Skull White. It's okay, but I think it's missing something.

These guys aren't actually finished, they need a final pass to clean up a few mistakes and add a little edge highlighting on the shoulder vents. Overall though, I'm much happier with how they turned out, and hopefully I can apply these lessons to the next couple of miniatures I'm painting - those unfortunate Ghulams that the Ragiks use for bait.

* Compare them to Games Workshop humans, who's fists are often bigger than their heads.

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