Thursday, 24 May 2012

Cha Cha Cha Chaaaaanges! Also: Warjacks.

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As you may have noticed from my deliberately crude banner change (don't worry, it'll bug me after a few days and I'll do a proper redesign) this blog is undergoing some changes! Like for starters I'm posting an update OH SNAP SEE WHAT I DID THERE.

The long, dark tea time of my painting hobby is over as I have found new enthusiasm dear readers, and all because Vomkrieg basically got onto his hands and knees and with tears coursing down through his magnificently trimmed beard, begged me to take up Warmachine with him.*

And so here we are! Have some pictures.

This is Sorscha. Sorscha carries a huge hammer, wears a cool hat and is a hard bitten fantasy-Russian mage who can control giant steam powered death robots with her mind. Awesome huh? She also wears heels which is a bit dumb, but that's male game designers for you, sadly. 

This is the leader of my Manowar squad. They're huge hard-asses who walk around in steam powered armour, which can sometimes overheat and cook them alive. Of course they're too tough to worry about such trivial things! Swig back some more potato juice and tromp off through the snow to glory!

This is the Destroyer, one of my two heavy warjacks. I LOVE the redesigns of these models, which have a surprising amount of poseability. For this dude I wanted to give the impression of shuffling along, pausing to aim his canon to unleash ranged hell upon the enemy. To contrast with....

 ...this badass, the close combat Juggernaut. Arms outstretched in the classic 'come get some pain, you soon to be flattened bags of cat droppings', which sounds way cooler in Khadoran.

Aaaaand that's some of my starting force. Stay tuned for more Warmachine updates! There'll be painting! Custom transfers! Bad Russian accents! Death in the snow! For the Motherland!

PS: check out Gravitas' blog here. He got bored of waiting for me to get writing again and made his own place. It's so beautiful when they fly the nest.

*This may be a lie. More truthfully he snuck into my house in the witching hour each night and whispered things about steam powered death robots while hiding under my bed, his subliminal message slowly making its way into my waking thoughts. As one does.

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  1. Ooooh are they not metal any more? Keen!


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