Sunday, 31 March 2013


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Meanwhile, bike progress and things.

Sarjey McDevastate is underway, with a base blue coat and wash. This has been my first time using the new GW paints and while I'm not noticing a huuuuge difference in the standard paint range (other than the convenience of GW releasing all the Ultramarine highlighting steps, cheers guys), the new Shades are sex on legs.

Token artsy perspective shot.


Yeah. He pimped his ride. For the Emperor.
Here is my bike squad sarge 85% finished. As often happens I got impatient and slapped all the decals on before he was totally finished. Took a bit of fiddling around as I'm out of practice but as always, the magic Microset formula did it's thing and they look pretty awesome. Love the 3rd party decal that got put on the prayer page on this guy.

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