Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Orks: bloodthirsty killers or just adorable?

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So you guys, I have a bit of a confession to make concerning the Games Workshop Orks, or indeed Orcs. Whenever I see one, I basically see this: 

AND I JUST WANT TO MUSH THEIR FACES even though they're giant slobbering green skinned monsters. I know, I know. Anyway, so here's an Ork in a cobbled together attack helicopter, or 'Deffkopter' as they call them because why not.

These show a test fit of the head and arms that will otherwise be kept off while painting for ease of access. Aaaaaagh he has a little hat and goggles! You are just the CUTEST little filthy alien scum, yes you are.

I really couldn't resist the lure of that flappy little hat so I immediately painted up the head. I love the detailing on these guys; as well as the aviator hat and goggles he also has rings through his lip and left ear, just to show how 'down with the youff' this Ork is.

So here's the back mechanical section of the Deffkopter. I went with a motley patchwork look of three metallics - bronze, steel and tinbitz to emphasis the patched together nature of Orky vehicles. It looks okay pre wash...

But it looks fantastic once I applied a thick layer of the earth tone ink over everything. I seriously just dolloped it on using a big brush and I'm very happy with the oily, grubby finish. It also really smoothed out the bronze paint especially. Games Workshop do excellent inks.

That's me for now, I'll be carrying on with this and also some more of the Assault on Black Reach collection of Orks. Because they're adorable.

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  1. I paint my Ork vehicles in layers, leaving bits missing from each layer so that earlier layers show through. Gives depth to the filth, paint, repairs and battle damage.


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