Tuesday, 3 July 2012

All My Base

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Oh such things I have to show you, dear readers! Finished squads! Found things! Front arc markers!

 This week I finished my Widowmakers squad and they're now sitting pretty and based up. I also settled on a very minimalist way of marking out the front arcs of my minis that I'm pretty happy with. And there's more! Read on!

I WILL MESS YOU U.. wait, broke a nail. Be right back.
Look at this monster. It weighs a ton and I'm in constant fear of it exploding into a million tiny pieces if I look at it funny, but I love it. He's quite extensively pinned so hopefully I won't be trailing pieces of Behemoth around the battlefield. I put some putty under the foot that's usually in the air, because sod trying to put all the weight on one single join. 

Coincidentally these are also my wargaming battleplans 
 So I decided it was high time to get those front arcs sorted out, mainly because I'm going to a game this weekend. So the first thing I did was draw around three different sized bases and fold across them twice to get the exact centres and corresponding cardinal points because, well, otherwise they'd get put on wonky.  Hurrah, instant easy way to work out front arcs.

My good friend in beardiness Vomkreig has, as I've previously shown, done a cool job of marking his bases in runey goodness. While they look great, I decided that I wanted something that didn't draw the eye away from the models as much, which set me down the minimalist path. I ended up with two simple red strokes on each side, squared off neatly on the top and sides and coated in gloss varnish so that there was shiney black on each side.

For the Motherland. And mother's homemade potato juice.
Here's the battle group all sporting their new front arc markers. Only the Destroyer to go and I have 25 points, yaaaaay!

"Pew pew"
Closeup of two finished Widowmakers. Being Widowmakery. 

Some say at night you can hear the magenta cartridge prowling the battlements 
Last but not least, I brought these home from work. They're the packaging that some printer cartridges came in, and I reckon they're gonna make a great starting point for a set of castle ruin scenery. 

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  1. Dude, looking awesome. I am in the midst of making a large amount WM terrain and have come across many pitfalls in the years I have been doing this. Happy to offer some advice so that fellow enthusiasts dont fall into the same traps (rules-wise) I have. Drop me an email or get Vomkrieg to put you in touch. Happy to help.


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