Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Quickie Update

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On the weekend we played a game! It was my second game in recent times (not counting my extensive losing spree with Cygnar many moons ago) and so naturally the thing to do was leap head first into a three-on-one hundred points a side slug fest over at Vomkrieg's place.

He'll likely be posting a proper report and some photos soon, but in the meantime here's a random battle pic I found online! Just like being there!

The battle looked just like this only not really at all! 
I teamed 34 points of Khador with The Millinator's Menoth and Five Foot Pole's dwarven mercs. I mainly took what I could put together/felt like trying out, and ended up with...

The Butcher
Behemoth (becasuse why wouldn't I take it)
War Dog
Grey Lords
Widowmaker marksman
Manowar Shocktroops
Man hunter
...AND A CUDDLY TOY! (audience applauses)*

Aaaaaand yeah, we got our arses kicked because between us we've played a dozen games and most of those have been played by Five Foot Pole but I still had a blast. I bogged down Vomkrieg with my heavily armoured dudes and didn't forget too many things. Also I've ordered the Khador card deck because I realised just before the game that I'd have to reference the book for half my army which was a massive pain in the ass. Joys of buying second hand!

In modelling/painting news I haven't done a whole lot this week, but I have put together my first wreck marker. So here's that.

RIP fugly MK1 dude
I'm gonna have some fun with these, make them nice and scorched and chipped and generally mangled looking. Aaaaaand that's it for now. Next up I plan to get the Destroyer finished to complete the 25 point group, then move on to maybe the Behemoth. Whooo!

*Generation Game? Bruce Forsythe? Anyone?

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  1. I heard about the Game from Five Foot Pole. It sounded broken. Vomkrieg was allowed to multifeat allowing all his spells and abilities to work on everyone? How is that fair?

    Next time you should totally make it that all your 'friendly faction' spells and abilities just become 'friendly' so they work on everyone.


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