Tuesday, 1 October 2013

New blog design! Khador painting! Madness reigns!

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Welcome to the shiny new Ministry of Miniatures. You've probably noticed that the blog's undergone a bit of a revamp. I was getting really, really sick of the stock-standard Blogger templates and found them very limited and a bit dated, even with a bunch of changes applied. So I ended up looking at 3rd party designs and settled on this one, originally made by MyThemeShop for Wordpress and converted for Blogger by BloggerTheme9.

There was some fiddling around to get everything the way I wanted, which was an entertaining experience with no CSS experience whatsoever. But I got there! Hurrah!

(Also I finally got around to getting a custom domain name, smurfsinspace will now be redirecting to ministryofminiatures. You don't have to change your bookmarks.)

During the meanwhilst! 

Khador is still happening! Namely the Butcher, with his impressively large axe and penchant for running screaming into large groups of hapless victims. Here's some progress photos:

So shiny! So green! 
BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GO-wait. Wrong game.

As always my trusty wet palette made the blending a lot easier. I used Vallejo model colours for the green, mixing together gradiants between the light and dark green. To help the paint blend together I'd also dip the brush into the water immediately after painting and carefully feather each tone step into each other. 

Blatant product placement. This blog is selling out, man.

That's all for now! 

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