Friday, 23 September 2011


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The good people at Secret Weapon Miniatures today popped the five Greek style crests that I ordered for my ultrasmurfs into my letter box. Here are four of them, since at the time of the photo taking I'd already stuck one onto a veteran sergeant's head. Conveniently, each one comes with a nice little pin on the bottom that's the same size as my 5 mm drill bit.

But! They also sent me as a free bonus thing, this cool looking base with two barrels and some covered crates on it. It's pretty much perfect as an objective marker for a game, so that's nice. I shall paint it up accordingly.

And here is one of my mark 5 lads, who I'm using as a veteran sergeant in my command squad. I decided that my sergeants are all going to have the crests, and the beakies look really cool with them on. I'll add a pic of a beaky with a crest later on. The pin makes sticking them on really easy; simply drill a hole, add a bit of superglue and pop it in. 

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