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Wednesday SOTU: The 2nd!

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Greetings once again my loyal filthy readers and welcome to the second State Of The Union post for the boys in blue. I feel a little bad posting this right on the tail end of Gravitas' excellent Deathwatch guest entry, and so to assuage the slight guilt I'll include a link RIGHT HERE and tell you to go read it and then get back to me.

Okay, so this update is mainly focused around tactical squad Vorolanus. I've been working on getting them completed and will be finished this time next week. What with work and other things going on though I'm not quite there yet, but I have taken some update pics that I'm pretty happy with. Whoooo yeah.

Here are the four lads I've been working on to complete the squad. There's technically one more missing, my Heresy era dude, but I haven't started him yet. I was debating keeping the Mark 5 armour for a seperate squad, but eventually decided to spread them out instead. So he'll be added with the rest by next update.

Beaky sergeant! Pretty happy with how he's going. I had to tone down the highlights this morning after realising the orange was way too harsh, and I think the final effect looks pretty well blended. Especially happy with the decals, and I think the glow effect on his plasma pistol doesn't look too bad.

Of note is the enormous speckle highlight in his eyes, which I accidentally made way too big but decided to keep. I realised I kinda liked the anime levels of Big Eye he has going on, heh. Around 85% finished. 

Auspex dude! He has an auspex, you know. More importantly he nicely shows off the new method I'm using to paint my bolters now. The black wasn't working for me (I need to practice my black highlighting), so instead I started out with foundation battlegrey, and worked up to codex grey. Much better in my opinion. About 90% done.
Flamer guy. He's flamey. Decals look nice and tidy. Scout head is working well methinks. Around 85% finished.

And for the first time here is the entirety of tactical squad Vorolanus, 2nd Squad of Company II of the Ultramarine chapter. You can see the thoroughly unpainted mark 5 guy in the back row, looking a bit embarrassed. And rightly so. 

Finally here is an assembled veteran sergeant, in mark 5 armour with his beautifully sculpted forgeworld powerfist and helmet crest. He'll be placed into my command squad. 

And that's it for this Wednesdays state of the union update. Next post I'll be making will be about other blogs that I find inspiring and interesting. Stay tuned, sports fans.

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