Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Obligatory Welcome Post

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Hi everyone. So I decided to not cram a whole bunch of hobby bollocks into my every day blawg, mainly so that people who aren't into tiny little plastic soldiers from the dark grim future™ don't have to put up with semi constant dribblings.

So this is going to mainly be about my Ultramarines hobby. Why am I collecting Ultramarines, I hear you hypothetically ask? I guess mainly I'm just a sucker for an army of good guys in blue. Back in the day I collected a decent Cygnar force from the Warmachine game, and I've always cast an admiring eye over the sons of Mccraggae whenever they've been lined up in those lovely cyan rows. Plus these days you can add a goodly amount of custom options to make them look even more Spartan/Roman, which is something strongly hinted at with the special characters but that I feel is missing somewhat amongst the rank and file. That I think is worthy of its own post though.

Sooo yeah. I'll be posting up pics and the occasional 'how I did this' post, as well as linking to things that I think are neat, and of course showing my army updates as they happen.

Welcome to Smurfs In Space. Courage and honour.

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