Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wednesday State Of The Union. The First!

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So I figured Wednesdays could be a good day to go through my collection and show the highlights, current projects, points of interest and so on and so forth. Mainly because today is Wednesday and I just thought of doing so.

Take note people, this is how genius works.

...anyhoo, first up is the scout squad! As of yet unnamed, but I wanted to show them for two reasons. Firstly they're over halfway finished, but more importantly BEHOLD the awesomeness that is the new heads I ordered for them! They are from the good people at Pig Iron Productions. I never really liked the original scout heads on those models, though amusingly I've now put one of them onto my flamer guy in Squad Vorolanus. ALSO it's hard to tell in the light but I did my first ever blending job on the green visor. It looks pretty cool in person. You'll have to take my word for it.

Next up are three of my homebrew entries for Squad Adamantus (shamelessly stolen from a White Dwarf article, in your face Crimson Fists!), my Sternguard squad. The rest of the squad including the five awesome resin dudes that a certain fellow blogger got me for my birthday follow...

Though after having found out that storm bolters can't use the special ammo that the Sternguard have, I'm going to have to change the weapon on my veteran sergeant. Waaaaah. 

Some unpainted guys!  I gave the banner bearer the wreath around his bonce. I think it looks pretty cool. With the Missile Launcher I'm hoping to accomplish a relatively simple conversion of having a missile firing out from the launcher with a trail of smoke behind it. Pretty sure I have the technology. Stay tuned!

Say hi to the friendly folks from Squad Gladius. They enjoy long walks in the park, romantic candle lit dinners, and tearing the spleens out of heretics as they simultaneously bite the faces off alien scum. In their spare time they... haha, I kid. They have no spare time. Ever. 

Finally on this week's State Of The Union, I present the sergeant and flamer dude, as of yet unnamed, from Squad Vorolanus. I've decided that all my sergeants are going to be Beakies... it's a nice simple way of tying them together. You'll note the afore mentioned scouts head sticking out from the flamer guy there. I had to fiddle around with a little bit of plastic to give him a neck, but otherwise I think it works quite nicely. 

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