Saturday, 2 June 2012

Really Crappy Pic Time!

By The Megapope   Posted at  17:19   Warmachine 3 comments

Oh hey there interwebtubes! I still haven't got the batteries for the digital camera, but I DO have a macbook that can take super crappy photos! LETS ROCK IT OUT.

The mug poses important questions. DOES Dad know all the answers?
Soooo yeah here is the Juggernaut. He has an axe. The axe is blue. Contrary to how it appears here, it's not actually eye bleedingly bright neon blue but looks more icey. I started out with GW's old Enchanted Blue but that was way too dark so I used Ice Blue as the base and added white from there. The blend looks pretty decent. 

Posing with my plush red dressing gown because that's how I roll baby.
Here you can hopefully see some of the highlighting on the main body. It's more subtle than what I usually do, but I actually like this. It's nice to step away from the cartoony levels of highlights on occasion. Plus I'm learning about highlighting large plate areas. For starters I'm learning that it's a pain in the balls.

That's all for now, will post more piccies over the course of the long weekend. Yay for three days off work.


  1. Looks great so far. Are you going to add any weathering effects? I always thought that was the best thing about Jacks, lots of large flat surfaces to experiment with.

  2. Yeah, I plan on it. Not sure what at this stage, I'll have a look around at some options, revisit the tutorials I've got bookmarked, possibly throw some darts, consult the imperial tarot, etc.



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