Sunday, 10 June 2012


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Today I pushed ahead with my Man O' War minis aaaaaaand well I made a bit of a pig's ear, a dog's breakfast if you like, possibly a llama's afternoon tea of the red shoulderguards.

Like.... they look okay. From a distance when they're on the table they'd probably look reasonable, they're certainly bright.

Close up though they're pretty streaky. Being a bit of a noob when it comes to red (Ultramarines don't really tend to use much of it) I ploughed on in with just a few thicker layers, instead of using lots of thin ones, as this astute gentleman so aptly demonstrates. Also I'm second guessing my decision to highlight up to orange instead of a deeper red.

So THIS is what it's like having two hands.

How do I pee in this thing?

When I saw how they were coming out I used a red wash to help smooth out the finish and aid the blending a bit. It kinda worked, but not really enough for my liking.

One of the good things about the two stage epoxy glue I'm using is that while strong it snaps off without much fuss, so taking the red parts off and stripping them/starting over won't be too much of an issue. 

So yeah. I'll decide whether to start over on the red bits. If I do, I'll also get some better colours, probably try out some of the new GW range. 

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