Saturday, 23 June 2012

Khador Progress Report

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So this evening I got Sorscha finished up. Hurrah! Perfect way to deal with feeling poos and coughing a lot.. sit in a warm lounge and paint. One warcaster down, 4 to go!

Also a bunch of other things that I will now regale you with IN SEXY PICTURE FORM.

Spell casters, letting you dodge painting eyeballs since ages ago.
So I managed to take a bunch of not very good photos of my freshly painted warcaster, and the above one is the best you're gonna get. The main thing I wanted to show was her GLOWING BLUE EYES OF POWER™ that are basically just two dabs of Ice Blue because I glued her arm on before painting her face, and those eyeballs are hard to get to.

If I was more confident I'd try out an actual glow effect around her eyes, but I'm not in that league yet.


Now 100% less squinty 
Just look at that grizzled beardy face. And two eyes! Neither messed up! Amazing what a good quality fine brush can do. Also I'm getting better at painting with a steady hand methinks. I am so pleased with these eyeballs that I'm tagging this blog entry under 'achievements'. Oh yeah that's right.

This leads us into a group shot...

"Your arc node just exploded? Nope, wasn't us..."
I'm leaving them as is for a while since I haven't quite decided exactly what level of highlight I want to bring them up to. As I said in ze last entry, I like the darkened look of them, but I do feel like they need a bit of touching up before I can send them off to blow the brains out of the ungodly.

But wait! There's more!

"This isn't my first choice of profession. I wanted to be a ballerina."
The Destroyer is base coated and all inked up. Next will be the green blending on all the flat surfaces plus a few line highlights here and there.

And finally, good folks of the intertubes, I leave you with... THE HOUND.

Unkown to Sorscha, he's having a love affair with the Juggernaut's left leg.
Finally got round to gluing it onto the base. Look at the bloody size of that thing! Sorscha could comfortably ride that mutt into battle without even bothering to hold her feet off the ground. I went for a less extreme pose than the default 'just landed and have both back legs in the air' which I wasn't a huge fan of. Looking forward to painting him up, in fact I might do him next.



  1. Looking good. What do you think about putting your war dog on long a cavalry base instead?

    Could still keep it classified as a small base miniature?

  2. It's a cool idea, but it'd get confusing when it comes to base size and what scenery things he can fit past, etc. It would make him look less silly though.

  3. Yeah it would probably create problems at cons and whatnot. It just seems so wacky.

  4. I think your posing here is the best I've seen. Given the nature of how the mutt plays in the game, there will be oodles of room for him since he'll likely be leurking around the rear with the caster.

  5. Thanks, I think it looks better in play too. I got to use it for the first time yesterday at Vomkrieg's place and it does look more like its running or skulking behind the caster instead of FALLING OUT OF THE SKY or whatever the hell is going on in the default pose...


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