Sunday, 3 June 2012

Olive Green! Red! So Hot Right Now!

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I love this pose so much.

So far this long weekend (good on you Queenie) has been pretty good in terms of getting stuff painted and I haven't even had my Day of Geek with the boys yet. Which you can bet will be photo documented and blogged. 
Anyhoo, here's some stuff! Shot with the digital camera which is back to operational condition. 

Feeling lucky? Punk?

First up is our saucy sergeant of the fabulous Manowar squad! These photos don't really do justice to how bright and *cough* cartoony he looks with the green highlights. Bit of a fail as a graphic designer there, I totally didn't take into account how the same highlight scheme I used on the warjack would look waaaaaay brighter when compacted down onto a much smaller model. 

Having said that, I kinda like it, but I'm still deciding whether to tone it down or not. 

He's a sensitive soul, though he seems thick skinned. And it hurt, that his friends never stood downwiiiiiiind...

The Juggernaut is sealed up and I'm basically just doing the finishing up stuff now; basing and decals. The decals will have to wait until I've printed out the custom Khador transfer sheet and as you can see, I'm halfway through the basing process. 

Pretty happy with how Juggers has turned out. In the second pic you can see the paint damage I added in, just your standard black stipple with a sponge then paint in some silver jobby. I also added some ink to make it look a bit more battered. It's okay, but I think I can do better next time in terms of battle damage. 

"Whyyyyy? Why do you neglect meeeeeee?"

And finally my poor long suffering Destroyer, who's been the test dummy for the weathering sponge as well as the dirt dry brushing around the feet. Don't worry pal, I'll be showing you some proper love soon.


  1. That battle damage is looking sweeeeet

  2. Cheers! I've been feeling quite critical of it, possibly just been staring at it for too long.

    Also, that jack seems totally nekkid without any decals on. Must remedy...


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