Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tanks and Snipers

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So this weekend I got my Man O' War squad all finished up. Geeeeeeez getting those suckers varnished and based takes bloody ages. I also made a start on the Widowmaker snipers! The leader is looking pretty good. My usual tactic is to mostly finish one member of a given squad first, and make sure I'm happy with the overall look.

"I just feel like you're putting me up on a pedestal..."

This? Got it in 'Nam. 

This one? Accident with a can opener. It was hell.
Battle damage! Decided to carry on with the sponge technique that I started on the Juggernaut with. I think it's getting better, one of the squad members especially has this series of smaller marks that almost look like bullet damage. 

For me the main thing that made it look more realistic was being real careful with the brush work and running a wee bit of ink over the boltgun metal to give it a slightly more worn feel. Working out what looks good and what doesn't in terms of placement is also part of the wossname.

Sun? So we're not in Wellington any more then?
All based, coated, patted on the back, given a hug and ready to go. Except for decals! Reeeeeeeally need to get some decals. 

I also need to work out how I'm gonna do the front arc of the bases! Vomkrieg's army looks pretty spiffy with his blue front and white runes. I've seen a few variations and haven't quite decided how I'm going to do mine yet.

The eyepatch? Pet goldfish. Vicious if only wounded.
Last but not least, the Widowmaker officer! Pretty happy with how she's looking so far. Went with a different green for the overcoat and a variety of foresty colours, then slathered the usual ink wash over the top to tone it all down. Currently working on the highlights. Also, turns out I can do okay eyes. 

To do this week, get Simple Green, some pinning wire, superglue, modelling putty and possibly a stronger drill. And print all of the transfers! 


  1. That marksman looks fricken sweet!

  2. Cheers! She got to make a nice dent in some Cygnar infantry before getting a lightning bolt to the face haha


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