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It's Raining Khador! Hallelujah!

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So thanks to a friend in the sleepy hamlet of Palmerston North, I scored a fairly large amount of pre loved Khador minis for the low, low price of a low, low price.

Here then are some sexy photos of my haul and some whitterings on what I have planned for the new minis, if by sexy photos you mean hurriedly shot and slightly blurry in places.

It probably goes without saying, but I will be stripping and repainting all of these models to fit in with my 5th Border Army theme. A few of the minis also need to be repinned and glued back together; there's a couple of bad breaks here and there where the glue will need to be filed away and cleaned up but all in all it shouldn't be that much work. Maybe some reposing on a couple of figures too.

Onwards to the haul!

Whyyyyyy? Why do you not looooove uuuuussssss?
Let's get these poor doomed bastards out of the way first, because frankly they're not going to survive the editing stage. I'm not a fan of the first edition Khador heavy jack sculpt. Plus I already have a Destroyer and Juggernaut anyway and plan to get the generic heavy set soon with all the options and magnetise it up. So I'd like to introduce you all to my three brand new wreck markers. 

Ooh, ooh! Pick me! 
However! What I am keeping is two devastators, a kodiak, a behemoth, and a beserker plus the scrapjack. Definitely a very solid line up right there. 

Next up we have the warcasters. I got the Butcher, Karchev, the Witch, Vlad and a different sculpt of Sorscha. Definitely a bunch of new tricks and play styles to try out there, lots of reading to do. I love the Butcher model. He's gonna look sexy as hell in the green and red scheme. Karchev seems to be missing his back flappy thing, but I'm fairly sure I can get another from the online parts ordering service.

But wait! There's more!

We reave! Doomishly! 

Not much of a Winterguard Deathstar... more of a Winterguard escape pod 
A squad of Widowmakers! Four Doomreavers! Four Winterguard! Three Kossite woodsmen! A Greylord Ternion! A Manhunter! 

Bit of a pickn'mix, which was fun because some of the models came extra. Obviously I'll need to get more Doomreavers, Winterguard and Kossites before they're any use, but having two squads of Widowmakers sounds pretty delicious plus the Greylords and Manhunter will be seeing action. 

Last but not least we have two honourable mentions...

"The blood of the martyrs will water the meadows of Khadoooooor!"
It took me ages to work out what this dude is. He's a character model from the Iron Kingdom range, conveniently a Khador rifleman. I say conveniently because he'll make a fantastic substitute model for the Widowmaker marksman. Turns out he gets used for that quite a bit, after reading the forums. 

Huge gloves. If you know what I mean.
This guy is my personal favourite. He's supposed to be holding a crossbow, but for some reason he ended up with comedically huge hands and carrying a scythe. I sure as hell won't be fixing him, I think he looks great. 


  1. Those are Warhammer Zombie arms on that last guy. AMAZING.

  2. Ahaha brilliant. Ten points to Ravenclaw.


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