Saturday, 23 June 2012

I Ink, Therefore I Am

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Work is kicking my ass but lo! I bring you Widowmakers progress! And thoughts! I have them on occasion!

This update brought to you by Lurking Bumblebee

In this blog post I'll be showing the difference a good inking makes to a model and talking about getting the most out of your ink when you put it on. The model that is.

So first up, my snipers are coming along pretty well. After the somewhat laborious Man O' War squad, they're real easy to paint too. I'm thinking these sneaky devils might benefit from some extra spruced up bases too, like some shrubbery or tree bits around them or something. Maybe feathers for extra disguise. Cygnar are dumb enough to fall for that, right?

New Khador Klean™ gets your colours brighter than bright! 
The above pic demonstrates what ink can do to really bring out depth in a model, as well as darken the overall hue and hide any minor mistakes by filling in the recesses between different colours. Normally I'd start bringing the tone back up again, but since the Widowmakers are all sneaky and stuff I'll likely be leaving them fairly dark and grungey looking. 

"Okay I will shoot that ants nest but I cannot bring myself to look."
I think the main thing to remember to get the most out of an ink wash is to not be afraid of the stuff. For me (and as always your mileage, it varies), the best results are achieved when I dollop it on pretty thick and then just push it around the model, letting the ink flow and collect. A friend of mine at a recent painting afternoon was using very fast strokes which resulted in a thin spread of ink that didn't do a whole lot. When he slowed it down I think (and hopefully he agrees) that the end result was a lot more effective. IT'S SCIENCE.

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