Sunday, 12 May 2013

More Sternguard Progress

By The Megapope   Posted at  18:04   Ultramarines 4 comments

Hello there internets. How the heck are you? I hope Cousin Bob's rickets have sorted themselves out and that Aunty Harriet is still successfully evading the Feds. Anyway, enough about you, here are three more of my Sternguard squad. They're about three quarters finished.

This guy's the token GW sternguard sculpt of the batch. I generally like the finecast stuff, though it's still a bit wonky in places and one of the marines from this boxset is probably going to get a head swap before I paint him up. Pretty happy with how beaky's coming along though.

Squad-dude! He has a cybernetic leg from the Forgeworld character set. Other details include a combat knife on his back, a scroll/parchment hanging from a shoulder pad, terminator honours and some extra purity seals.

This guy's my squad leader, carrying on the tradition of squad leaders having the cool crested helmets from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I also gave him the Inquisition shoulderpad from the Forgeworld character set to represent a Deathwatch memento, plus a robotic arm because why the heck not.


  1. Love the squad leader!

    How does knife-dude reach that knife?

  2. Dude, loving the updates. Really really like the white helmet on the 'squad dude with cybernetic leg'. Can you walk me through how you painted that? White is really hard to paint I have found.

    1. It's real simple! I just start from a black undercoat then the first layer is Fortress Grey (still got a lot of the older paint range) and from there I make three paint swatches on my palette, two with progressively more white paint in them and the third just straight white. First layer after fortress grey is flat surface highlight then it's two layers of line highlighting. I've found I don't really need any ink or washes on the helmets so it's really straight forward. :)


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