Saturday, 18 May 2013

Psychics and Shooters

By The Megapope   Posted at  21:31   WIP 2 comments

Hey look, it's a Librarian! So I got me the Dark Angels Librarian model from the Dark Vengeance set that someone was selling solo. A simple matter of covering up the shoulderpad with a cloth piece and brutally hacking off the insignia on his chest and viola.

I'm going to do a step by step guide once he's all finished and have been taking pics at each stage. But for now here he is after the base coat and inking is done.

The front cloth piece is a bit lacking and I'm thinking of adding in an Ultramarines symbol, possibly something like this... (30 second photoshop mockup incoming!)

What are your thoughts, internet? Think it works? Have other ideas? Let me know!

But! Also! Another Sternguard enters! I kinda love this guy. The bionic head is from the Forgeworld character set and the ridiculously oversized belt piece you'll probably recognise from the Marneus Calgar model.

He's about two thirds done, a lot of tidy up work, basing, drill that bolter barrel etc etc.


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