Friday, 3 May 2013

OSL and Veterans

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So I seem to have gotten the distractions out of my system and it's back to the Sternguard Veterans.

But before that, I finished the object source lighting attempt on the chaplain. I think it turned out pretty okay for my first real try (discounting the simple glow on the front of the Sternguard sergeant's bolter) though I can see where there's room for improvement.

Like it looks... reflecty, which is awesome. Mostly holds up under a casual glance, which is a good place to be for attempt 1. The crappy camera doesn't pick it up that well but there's a lot of faded out blue running along the parchment and up the back of his legs too.

I think becoming more aware of how different surfaces reflect light and also getting in more practice with controlling heavily watered down paint will bring about a big improvement. Onwards and upwards, yo.

Here is Sternguard number three, all finished. This is the first of the non-official Sternguard to be completed and I think he stands up pretty well with the others...

Group shot! Heavily light balanced in photoshop because the stupid digital camera insists on making everything come out yellow as hell.

Next up: probably more sternguard! Maybe more more adventures in OSL if I can find another excuse.

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