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I rollin', they hatin'
While fixing up the bases of my troops I decided that First Sergeant Kalistus needed to be blinged up a bit more, in keeping with the Ultramarine's magpie-like love of shiny things.

Unfortunately I'd managed to well and truly screw up the remaining banner by pouring a bunch of superglue all down the front, giving it a really rugged texture in places. I fixed this by hiding the damage (after smoothing it as best I could with a knife and file) with an etched brass eagle piece, after seeing a great looking model using the same banner technique on Bolter and Chainsword.

I found working with etched brass on curved surfaces to be just as easy as promised on the daytime TV informercials starring Cliff Richard. It bent into the banner shape very smoothly and sat nice and flat when glued into place.

It also took paint very well.

His iron halo was simply incorporated into the banner, nothing earth shattering there.

I also gave him an unpainted brass piece on the front, and used an aquila piece to give his base some more oomph. I think the final look is pretty good, he certainly stands out and looks more blingalicious now. You can practically hear him jingle as he walks.

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