Friday, 18 November 2011

Final Post About Rocks. Probably.

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Okay, I'm pretty happy with the final look for the basic bases now. I drybrushed some Calthan Brown around the bottom of the rocks to tie them in with the base and they look pretty spesh. 

This is pretty much today's achievement as I got home in a bit of pain from my dodgy toes* so I loaded up on the pain meds, quickly snapped some pics and then collapsed on the couch. Ahh, trusty, trusty couch.

More pics and some ramblings behind the cut.

The biggest take home for me out of this wasn't that the brown on the rocks tied them into the brown on the base or made them look more rock-like. It was as a graphic designer I hadn't thought of applying some basic colour theory and observation skills to my model painting to achieve this effect. Luckily Gravitas who's been painting for a lot longer than I have, especially in dog years, was able to point out the bleeding obvious. 

I blame the pain medication. 

So yeah, I consider the basic look for my bases done and dusted now. I'm pretty happy with the result and I reckon the army will look a bit more pro once they're all brought up to the same standard. I'll update the tutorial tomorrow when I'm a bit more mobile. 

It's been emotional. 

* Without boring you with the details it involves gangrene and almost losing my two big toes. It's been a fun few months let me tell you.

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