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Obligatory Painting Blog Post 1: Desk Setup

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I googled 'nerd police' and this is the best I could come up with...
Well, I've managed to resist doing this post so far but the Hobby Blog Police finally caught up with me today. I waited for them to stop wheezing and offered the sweatier members a sit down and sugary biscuit and eventually they told me that there's a certain number of blog posts that hobbyists have to do. It's written down in a charter or treaty or something.

So without further ado, I present the first in a completely random and sporadic series of Obligatory Painting Blog Posts: all about my painting area. With a handy pic and numbered list!

It's got tiny numbers on it! Click it like you mean it.

Also with occasional pointers and tips for your edification and to make you read through the whole thing.

  1. All important cup of tea. It's possible that some painters can operate without one of these, but such creatures are clearly alien heretics and should be dealt with accordingly. 
  2. Water container! Keep it clean kids. Especially after using metallic paints. Also don't confuse with 1. and dip your paintbrush into your tea. Cough. 
  3. Brush cleaning paper! Somewhat better than absent mindedly wiping your brush on your jeans.
  4. Novelty cup for storing brushes and things. I keep my good brushes capped when not in use. Also present: clippers, craft knife, etc. The usual stuff. More importantly is your choice of novelty cup. Do you go for a ceramic skull? World's greatest dad? Captain Janeway? Choose wisely. 
  5. Glue and things! For basing and sticking the cat to the ceiling. 
  6. Apparently I was possibly high or concussed when plonking the numbers down, as I managed to miss both six and and fifteen. Lesser men would go back and shamefully hide their mistake, but not I! See my missing numbers! 
  7. Finished dudes. I keep them close by for comparing looks, checking details and so on.
  8. Painting stands! I use a bunch of old medicine containers from my recent convalescence, and to make them less likely to fall over I filled them with glass beads. Each one now has a nice heft to it and is very stable. Extra useful when living in an earthquake zone or a T Rex habitat. 
  9. Watered down PVA glue! Also for basing! When I've dipped my marine in basing sand I then drip watered down glue through the glued on sand, to help cement it in place. I do the same thing with the flock that I use for grass, which makes it go nice and stiff (phwoar!) and prevents it from coming off. 
  11. Paints! I don't have enough to put them on fancy stands or anything yet. 
  12. Bits pile! Sometimes found in the bits jar when I feel especially tidy. But let's face it, most of the joy of having a bits collection is being able to go diving through it like Scrooge McDuck. 
  13. Cutting mat! Very handy for cutting, spilling paint, spilling superglue and otherwise spilling things and acting like a total ham fisted clutz. Also lends an air of artistic cred during WIP photoshoots. 
  14. The box of waiting. This is where assembled and undercoated models live. Sometimes they cry. I ignore them.
  15. See point 6. 
  16. Ziplock bag of transfers! I keep all my decals nice and safe in a sealable bag. The last thing you want is all your lovely transfers getting moist or licked by the cat or set on fire or stolen by aliens or accidentally placed all over your sleeping partner during a caffeine fuelled rampage at 3 am. 
  17. Test models! Everybody needs test models. They are the Wretched Ones, the crappy old school marines who are made to suffer through the indignities of battle scars and highlighting experiments and occasionally being thrown across the room in anger and then retrieved from under the couch in a few weeks. So other people tell me.
  18. A wet palette. For those of you who don't know... take a plastic container. Put a sponge in it. Pour in enough water so that the sponge pools around your finger when you poke it. Place some cut out baking paper on top and smooth it down. SUCCESS! You can now put paint onto it, and the palette keeps your paint nice and wet for many hours. 
  19. Piece of plastic that I use for a dry palette. Says it all, really. 
And there you go! If you read through all that then I hope you were at least mildly entertained or possibly learned something new. If you managed neither then you at least learned not to read through my numbered lists in future. Your life is richer! 


  1. For number 8, if your not a drug fiend or suffering from a long illness you can use shot glasses as well.

    And 6 is a seat to sit in and 15 is a camera to record the images, you can't see them as they are out of frame.

  2. You have been Hobbycribbed, in an orderly manner ;)


  3. I actually had a pair of Painting Jeans, back when I painted a lot. They replace number three, and take advantage of the urge to wipe idly.


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