Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Week Off

By The Megapope   Posted at  16:12   PSA 2 comments

Image blatantly stol I mean borrowed from GW! 
Howdy peeps. So the last week has been pretty rough due to coming off the pain medication that I've been on for the last three months, and I'm still a bit dizzy and tend to fall over and walk into trees a lot. So I'm taking a week off from this space marine blogging lark and will be back when I feel able to pick up a paint brush without my toes dropping off.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with the soothing sounds of the Codex Approved Battle Hymn No. 34: "Die Choking On Your Own Blood, Alien Filth". *

*You'll  have to imagine it. 


  1. Looks like I'll have to pick up the slack with a article about stuff that no-one will care about!

  2. Puh-lease, your posts consistently get really good view counts.


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