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The Top Brass

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Token swanky angled product photo.
This update is all about sergeants and Forge World etched brass symbols, so I hope you appreciate the comedic genius that went into writing the title.

These things just come to me!

Part 1: Sergeants

His headbutts are mighty. Like Hercules with a Volkswagon strapped to his head.
So here is Veteran Sergeant  Daceus, all done like. Pretty pleased with the overall look. I think the extra decals really help him stand out as a command squad character, plus of course the mark 5 armour, crest and banner... basically he's bling tastic. Big fan of the Forge World power fist too. 

Wielding his mighty frozen popsicle of justice. 
First Sergeant Kallistus came together decently. The extra level of highlight definitely shows -  I took him all the way up to Spacewolves Grey and his armour pops that much more. Very happy with the cloak, especially given what a pain in the valves it was to stick all the pieces of transfers into place.

Taken right before the Standard Bearer shot the photographer in the face
for not praising the Emperor loudly enough.
Aaaaand here is the Command Squad so far. Still to go: the company champion and the apothecary. Then comes the biggest decision yet of 2011: what to paint next? I'm thinking the next tactical squad at this stage.

Part 2: Etched brass 

So shiny. 
I really love Forge World, they make the coolest things. And the etched brass symbol set for the Ultramarines is no exception... in fact I would say it's a close second to the transfer page in terms of my favourite purchase from them so far. Just look at it!

For those of you who haven't had a good close up gander at one of these, I've taken a few close up pics and highly recommend you get one, if your army lends itself to such a thing. They also make sets for a bunch of other Chapters, the Inquisition, etc.

So very shiny.
Here you can see a size comparison. It was smaller than I realised it would be, but it's so packed with cool little symbols and plaques that I don't mind in the slightest. There's enough stuff on this to use on a lot of models.

I'm just gonna shut up and let you check out the rest of the pics, free of my jabbering.

The last pic shows my testing out a plaque on the side of a rhino with some putty. I know some people paint over these, but I'm going to leave the plaques just as they are. The larger plates especially look way too nice to paint over, in my opinion. I might end up painting over some of the tiny Ultramarine symbols that are destined to be placed onto marines, though.

And that's it for now. I'm gonna mess about with some of these symbols over the next few days, and will post up some pics showing what I came up with, plus any particular tips of use that are discovered.

Have a saucy Saturday, everyone. 


  1. That plate on the side of the rhino is beyond awesome.

  2. It is eh! The smaller symbols are all pretty cool, but it's the large plates like that for vehicles and such that take the set to the next level.


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