Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Battle Stations

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This is what I have ordered to keep all my stuff together on the table: the professional painting station from Hobbyzone.

Just look at that magnificent beast. 

Measuring in at a respectable 60cm wide, this is the largest of the three stations Hobbyzone sell and is large enough to hold all of my moderate paint collection, brushes, tools and two water cups, because only peasants use one. What really got my attention was the price, at 40 dollars NZ it's almost half the cost of the Citadel equivalent.... which gets you this:


...which is 20cm narrower and holds almost nothing. But at least it's molded to fit onto your lap I guess, just to make it even harder to grab the rest of your paints and models which by necessity will be sitting on another small table next to you. I'm sure this isn't a recipe for the entire setup to get dumped on the floor.

Also, how freaking uncomfortable does this look? No really, trendy wrist decoration painter dude, hold your figure as far away as you possibly can!

Not seen: official GW screw-in magnifying lens and neck brace

Anyhoo, the people at Hobbyzone were also very happy to set up a postage price that was totally fair, once I discovered their website wasn't set up to deliver to New Zealand. So stay tuned for a proper review of the station once it arrives! 


  1. I have that exact station man, I did find that I out grew it pretty quickly and have had to scratch build a few more levels for paints! Really great quality all round though. Love it, the GW one by comparison just looks cheap...

    1. Can't wait to try it out! Hopefully it'll last me a while, my paint collection seems to have stabilised around it's current levels....


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