Friday, 19 April 2013

Sternguard Work in Progress

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Sup? So my next project is a squad of Ultramarines Sternguard, who I think look pretty badass. I got the 5 man box for my birthday and decided to make another lot of 5 out of marine parts. Because odd numbers are for communists. 

So let's start out with my sergeant on the basis that he's almost finished and you are, after all, here for the shiny blue and gold.

"I'm sexy and I know it."

I really love the amount of detailing on these resin models and the Sternguard are basically one of the best looking squads that Games Workshop have put out. Good on you, GW.*

Here's one of my made-up guys, he has a cybernetic leg that you can't really see from the Forgeworld character set, plus a bunch of other extra bits to make him stand out like a pauldron banner, extra purity seals, a pistol and a knife attached to his backpack. I also strategically tore up his left shoulder pauldron a bit to make him look more ruggedly handsome.

Aaaand another GW sternguard...

My squad leader who's a made-up model, he also has a bunch of character bits like a robotic arm, third party cresty helmet and so on.

And some more!

So that's what I'm up to. More pics to come as the squad progresses!

*See? I'm not always complaining about Games Workshop. Just most of the time.

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