Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Smurf and Steambot Inspiration

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I thought I'd do a short update on two painters that I basically go back to time and time again for inspiration and also a distant star to try and aim for (if not realistically reach any time this century).

The first is the Ultramarines painter known as Hazchem on the forums. They haven't updated the thread for quite a while, but this is the kinda stuff that was produced.

While stylistically their work is very obviously 2nd edition inspired (and not a direction I've chosen) just look at those beautiful crisp lines. Not a dab of paint out of place, fantastic highlighting. This army would look absolutely amazing all assembled on the battlefield. The rest of their work can be found here, I really do recommend you check it out.

For the best Khador painting in the colours that I've chosen, I've never found anything that can beat Robin's work on the Warmachine forums.

I just don't even. They did a headswap on Sorscha! The battle damage! The subtle blending! And those glow effects! The gloooow! These go beyond Hazchem's fantastic work and into the realms of true showcase painting and yet there's also pics on the forums of these models trundling around a tabletop battlefield like some peasant's gaming models. Ridiculous.

For the rest of Robin's work, check out the thread here.

Do you have particular painters that you keep tabs on for inspiration? Drop me a line and let me know!

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