Saturday, 27 April 2013

Special Effects

By The Megapope   Posted at  14:49   Ultramarines 2 comments

Hello there, sports fans. Or people who hate sports, you're also welcome.

This week I've been trying out some new things! First up, inspired by the ridiculously awesome Khador models by Robin that I showed you all last post, I've been testing some glow effects on the Behemoth.

I think it's come out okay for my first try, I've found the main difficulty is getting a good, uniform brush mark in the feathering effect. Obviously you want an airbrush for a really amazing smooth blend and I'm pretty sure that's how Robin paints his minis, but I reckon with practice I can get mine looking better.

But wait! There's more! Here is my Ultramarines chaplain. I wanted to get the jump pack model for ages to lead my assault marines into battle, and then happened to see him on the shelf when I picked up a new boltgun metal leadbelcher from GW.*

See this clever thing that I did! Turns out that two of the muzzle flashes make for really awesome looking jump pack exhaust. I went with blue to give it an extra hot plasma/gas flame look, which I think works pretty well. 

The model isn't quiiiite finished, I want to see if I can make the OSL effect on the back of his boots and scroll parchment a bit better and more uniform.

Soooo yeah. Ongoing diversion from the Stenguard, but fear not I'll be getting back to them soon.

*I really hate the new paint names and also other new things like that band the youth are into.


  1. Great work on the Chaplain so far man, murderous, skull wearing priests have some of the coolest back story in 40k!

    As far as the glow goes I find really (and I mean reeeaaallyy) watering down the paint and applying lots of thin layers works wonders. I did some OSL on my chosen and skaven models that are up and it worked pretty well. Hope that helps :D

  2. Chur. :) Yeah I've been doing the watering down thing, so hopefully it'll come together with a bit more practice! I'll definitely check out the OSL on your skaven.


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