Saturday, 6 April 2013

Bike progress

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Bike Sergeant is finished, just need to get some more glue to facilitate shoving moss and rocks all over his base.

I guess the squads are named after the sergeants in the codex? In which case his name is Sergeant Strabo which is a bit unfortunate but there you go. Post-human gengineered warrior-monks can't be choosers.

Not the best pics but his helmet actually came out really good. I'll have to take another one later in better lighting. Glad that I can still paint helmet lenses, which are tricky beasts. His came out well though, which you can just take my word on for now. It's cool though, I wouldn't lie to you.

Aaaaaaand I just realised the decal I used for his shoulder pad is the one meant for the company Command Squad. I, uh, guess he's one of the backups they call in when someone's out with the flu or something. Maybe I'll redo it at some point.

I quite like all the extra bits one can put all over the bikes. Satchels! Parchment papers! Purity seals! Knives! No self respecting Astartes would ride his bike into battle without being fully laden with more pouches than a Rob Liefield illustration. 

Next up: more bikes! Or the Devastator sergeant. Whichever catches my fancy.

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