Saturday, 8 October 2011

Achievement Unlocked: Tactical Squad Finished

By The Megapope   Posted at  15:36   Ultramarines 2 comments

Squad II of Second Company is complete! I renamed them to the Codex name of Manorian!

See them! In rows! Such rows they are in. Sergeant Praxor Manorian is rocking the stripy sword ensemble.

Some shoulder detail! I cut up one of the Forgeworld decals since my freehand skills are... yeah. I don't have any.

Squad Manorian and the dreadnought Ultracius. The crusty old Ultracius once led Squad II so he likes to keep an eye on them. They swap recipes, talk about girls, crush the enemies of the imperium under their booted heels. That kinda thing.


  1. Hi there, cool Ultramarines! Why don't you join the Blog Network over at Tale of Painters?

  2. You drive a hard bargain sir! I'll be right over. :)


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