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Wednes... I mean Thursday SOTU: the 5th

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Currently missing: storm bolter plus his left eyeball
Time for some progress pics of my command squad, plus the First Sergeant generic captain dude. Who I need to get around to naming some time soon.

It's been a fairly busy week so the command guys are slow going. So far I've got the armour up to the first highlight stage, and done the first level of gold as well as base coated misc bits. I tend to take a somewhat piecemeal approach to painting, as production lining bores the ever living crud out of me pretty quickly...

My pose is commandingly generic!
I realised how hard I made things for myself with the first sergeant's cloak way too late, unfortunately. It's going to be a real swine painting the inside of it behind his legs, and he's attached to those legs preeeeetty firmly. I tried a bit of an experimental wriggle to remove the torso, but no dice. I'm too worried about screwing the model up to give it a really good wrench, so I'll just have to accept that it's going to be a bit of a mission, methinks.

He'll take your gene seed when you're not looking
With the apothecary I'm looking forward to seeing how glassy looking I can get his vials. Also, I was never really a fan of the mostly white look for the medics. Much prefer him to just have the white shoulderpad. It's not like you see medics romping around modern day battlefields wearing full nurse kits and it seems a bit silly to make your specialised healer and gene seed extractor guy stand out.

Because that's an issue when you're a genetically engineered eight foot tall killing machine in shiny powered armour.

I guess when he runs out of bullets he can
stick the banner somewhere painful...
Company standard bearer is coming along nicely. Here he is with the banner precariously balanced atop the pole, since I haven't stuck it in place yet. Love how good the face already looks after one coat of flesh coloured paint and a wash of devlan mud. Oh ink, how I love thee.

"Gooooooldfinger! He's the man! The maaaan
with the gooooolden thuuuuumbs..."
Since taking this photo the veteran sergeant in the saucy mark 5 armour has had his helmet painted red with a white stripe. This presumably means that his head now goes faster than the rest of him.

As soon as I find my other arm you're in for the bash
And champion. He has a sword. Currently debating whether to try for the glowy power effect or go for a nice simple metallic look. Decisions, decisions. I'm a big fan of this guy's red power sword effect, which I would try and replicate if I went in that direction...

Anyhoo, that's me for now. Peace out my homies.

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