Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wednesday SOTU: The 3rd!

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Welcome to Wednesday. The middle of the week may not have reached you yet, but out here on the edge of the world it's in full swing, let me tell you. Wild stuff. 

This week I totally meant to get my first tactical squad finished, but as you can tell from the pics directly below, I sort of got distracted by the arrival of my first ever dreadnought!

He was purchased second hand from TradeMe, (NZ's version of Ebay) and arrived in relatively good condition apart from two things. I hoped to deal with both, ie the lingering smell of stale marijuana (seriously, who keeps items that they plan on selling in a hotboxed room?) and the enormously bad, streaky undercoat with the same method: a good going over with some chaos black spray. 

As it turns out, sports fans, I only got rid of the stoner musk, and it wasn't until the painting was finished that I realised the streaky undercoat could still be seen through the Ultramarines Blue. Ah well, lesson learned. At some point in the future I'll give him a good detol bath and a toothbrush scrub and start over from scratch. In the meantime I'm reasonably happy with how it came out, and he's certainly very ready for tabletop play.

Not seen in these photos: streaks! Also I'd like to get better shots of the battle damage. I tried out some different techniques like stippling and experimenting with inks, and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out on this. I'll try to get some better photos at some point.

I did manage to get my tactical squad almost finished. Here is the heresy Mark 5 dude looking much more respectable. 
And here is formerly Headless Nick, now my new squad leader! The helmet and shoulder pads from Chapterhouse Studios arrived. Very happy with the quality of the sculpts, and I decided to use the crested helmets to show my squad leaders. But also...

My girlfriend wants one. No wait, the thing in the foreground. My company champion is getting one. I think he looks pretty neat with that helmet. 

Aaaaaaand finally, a bike! I was given this for my birthday from a sinister gentleman who has forced my hand into eventually purchasing another two for a squad. The fiend. 


  1. Nice one, painting is going at a good clip you only got that dready a few nights back.

  2. Yeah, I did most of it in a single sitting last night. I only stopped because my stupid foot demanded I retire to the couch, heh.


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