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Scouts & Pain Meds

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So the last few days haven't been massively conducive to good painting, largely due to an ongoing foot injury plaguing my life and necessitating often being fairly high on pain medication. Strangely enough my painting suffers somewhat when it seems like the end of my brush is down a warm fuzzy pink tunnel...      

With that in mind, here's some progress on my scout marines! I'm fairly happy with how they're going (though these photos aren't the best) and they're fairly close to being finished. 

Scouts: swines to glue together
I've been second guessing myself over the decision to repaint the black weaponry grey. I'm wondering if it's too washed out now when considered with the blue. These aren't the best photos to give an accurate idea of the contrast, but it's something that I'm still mulling over. Sigh!
Here's the sergeant and one of the other scout dudes pondering the meaning of it all.

You can tell he's the Heavy by the shoulder pad.
I had some fun putting decals in wacky places. The dude on the right had a bit of an industrial accident involving plastic cement, so I covered up the horribly scarred shoulder with a cloth banner and a cut up space marine shoulder pad. It offered me new and exciting places to stick decals too, as you can see below. The heavy weapons scout got a regular sized space marine shoulder pad on one arm for the hell of it. I like the asymmetrical look and it makes him look a bit more grunty. 

Transfer of power. Hur hur. 
Officially scout marines aren't supposed to have much in the way of decorations, but I thumb my nose at such things! Thumb, I say! This dude gets to sneak through the bushes looking fabulous in his company shoulder clothy thing and 'Ultramar' engraved armour.

Smile boys!
Aaaaaand obligatory group photo. I need to get a larger drill bit so I can make the heavy bolter look less like it has a teensy little pin opening.

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