Monday, 3 October 2011

Adventures With Cardbard Boxes

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Last night I went out into the wilds of Aro Valley and killed myself an old cardboard box, bringing it's corpse back to my hut. Chanting to my ancestors, I lined the bottom and three inside planes with white paper, removed the top and front sides and finally put a curved piece of paper between the back and bottom planes to hide the edge. Voila, instant cheapy studio for taking photos of models in.

Sadly, I think the lamps in our house have yellow-ish bulbs as all the night time photos came out yellow tinted no matter how much I mucked about with trying to correct the colour balance or moving the light source around. Or else my partner's camera is just a bit poo. Probably that. Happily though, the setup works nicely during the day, with diffused natural light coming in through the window.

So I've done up a gallery page. For now it's dead simple but at some stage I plan to install a sideways scrolling proper gallery type thing.

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