Thursday, 20 October 2011

Belated Wednesday SOTU the 4th!

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We wanna live foreeeever! Light up the sky
like a flame, FAME!
Well it's a bit late but I'm not planning on donning a hair shirt or otherwise beating myself up about missing updates. This is a casual blog yo! 

The scouts have been finished, and I decided that next up would be the second company command squad, since there's a decent amount of variation to be found there. Plus, a banner! 

I, uh. Yeah. Oh space marines, you're
just a bit Nazi-esque aren't you?
Talking of which! Look, it's a banner! So I tried freehanding this bad boy and it turns out that freehanding a large company banner as the first freehand experiment ever was more an experiment in frustration management and not hurling my brushes at the cat. 

I then realised that I in fact had all the components I needed to compose a real nice looking banner design by using my forgeworld decals so I did that instead. Here's the banner before I finished the highlights and completed the purity seals. Also the Ultramarines symbol up top is more gold and less bronze now.

If he ever learns to stand on his head he'll be
able to rest on his laurels. Boom boom! 
 Beginnings of banner dude! He holds the banner! And has a fetching wreath around his head if you look closely.

He just loves melting shit. 
Here is the marine formerly known as veterean sergeant dude and now known as melta gun dude! He brings the gift of melta fire to the command squad. 

I guess he won't be welcome on the GW
facebook wall, will he?
It's the Company Champion! Rocking the crested helmet look, he enjoys challenging people to single combat. Well not really, that's the Chapter Champion. This guy hopes to be the Chapter Champion when he grows up.

Company apothecary! He heals people and also extracts the gene seed of dead space marines so that it can be implanted back into new recruits. Space marines = a bit gross.

And lastly tonight, here is the veteran sergeant (rules wise he's just a squad veteran) looking resplendent in mark 5 armour complete with a saucy crest and banner. His power fist came from the forge world character kit, I really like the detail on it. 

So that's the work in progress for this week. Shouldn't be too long before I have the command squad finished and looking delish. 


  1. I know I'm gravedigging, but that's an awesome looking scout squad! Nice paint job, and where'd you get the heads?

  2. Thanks! The heads come from Pig Iron Productions. Fairly popular swap choice for Scouts it seems.


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